Joe Gorga Talks the Secret to Romance — “It Takes 10 Minutes”
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Joe Gorga Talks the Secret to Romance — “It Takes 10 Minutes”

Melissa Gorga's new book, Love Italian Style, which reveals all the secrets of her "hot and happy marriage," is due out on September 17, but Joe Gorga gave us a little preview tip during a recent interview with Glamour Magazine. According to the Real Housewives of New Jersey hubby, all you need to keep your marriage sizzling is 10 minutes.

"If you work all day and come home and try to make him dinner or you guys have sex at the end of the takes 10 minutes, but he’ll feel like 'Wow, she’s thinking of me. She respects me. She cares how I feel.' And he’ll do the same for you," Joe explained.

Um, only 10 minutes? Is anyone else not that impressed?

Melissa had her own recipe for keeping things exciting.

"We still flirt," she revealed. "Actually, we were out to dinner last night with a friend and he said, 'You guys act like you just met. You guys act like you’re on a first date.' There’s little things that I do here and there to flirt or keep up with it, and that’s what I put in the book."

We like her advice better.

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Source: Glamour