Joe Jackson Confuses Grandsons Prince and Blanket in Bizarre Video
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Joe Jackson Confuses Grandsons Prince and Blanket in Bizarre Video


Well, this is certainly bizarre.

Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father, posted a strange message to Twitter directed to his grandson, Blanket Jackson.

The 89-year-old shared the video because he’s concerned about the young boy’s health.

“Hello, Blanket! This is Joe Jackson,” he said in the video.

“Your health is… I don’t know what. You’re like your father. Now I understand why your father had you wear masks all the time ’cause news people was bothering him so much and he tried to disguise you as much as possible [sic].”

He continued, "But I want you to stay healthy and stay off those bikes!”

This is weird for a number of reasons, but mostly because it was Prince Jackson, not Blanket, who got into a motorcycle accident.

“Don’t ride, now. But anyway, tell your brothers I said hello and stay clean and healthy,” Joe continued.

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FYI Joe, Blanket only has one brother and one sister, Paris Jackson!

“And see a lot of movies if you can, good movies of course. And be like me, be tough, be tough in a good way.”

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He continued, “You’ll live a long time. Above all, I love you all. Take care, man, you be good.

“I’ll see you next time I come to LA. Okay? Adios.”

Though he confused Blanket and Prince, the 20-year-old is doing OK after his motorcyle accident.

The incident occurred on Thursday, November 2 when he was riding his bike in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, he lost control of the motorcycle because the road was slick and he was taken to the ER.

Well shit...

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