How True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Got That Perfect Werewolf Body
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How True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Got That Perfect Werewolf Body

The first thing you're going to do upon picking up Evolution — the new book by True Blood star Joe Manganiello — may be to feel like a weakling. After all, the 36-year-old is flexing his chiseled body on the cover, every muscle accentuated to the max, and there are hundred more just like it inside

But then you'll feel inspired, no matter what your body type is, because he writes for everyone — and his first step is to put readers in the right mental place especially he defines "evolution" as a mindset, a faith, and not a quick fix.

Then he walks you through a meticulously-detailed program of fitness and health, including workout schedules and diet tips. You can even see his grocery shopping list… and even "cheat day" foods. (Like we said, he keeps it real!)

After that, True Blood fans, is an extra special treat: 32 glossy photos of Joe in the middle of the book, and a view at nearly every muscle on the hunk's body. (Werewolf is the centerfold!)

Finally comes over 100 pages of step-by-step instructions for each workout — ensuring readers never feel lost.

There's no denying that Joe has a godlike body — even Arnold Schwarzenegger was duly impressed, as he recounts in the book's foreword: "I immediately noticed Joe's passion for health and fitness. Well, that isn't true. First I noticed his huge arms and cannonball delts."

But even more impressive is his mental focus and devotion to his craft, both on-screen and off. As the dust jacket states, his writing in the book is the "Rosetta Stone that can teach you to clear your mind, transform your body, and change your life… forever."

Sounds good to us! Go grab your copy at Amazon.

12.6.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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