Joey Graceffa on How ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Inspired ‘Escape the Night’ (VIDEO) — Exclusive


Joey Graceffa on How ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Inspired ‘Escape the Night’ (VIDEO) — Exclusive


Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery party?

And while some of us might have first been exposed to the idea in movies like Clue or through our parents’ dinner parties, for Joey Graceffa it all goes back to Lizzie McGuire!

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The YouTube star is currently appearing in the YouTube Red series, Escape the Night, an unscripted whodunnit set in the 1920s and also starring other internet celebs.

If that sounds awesome, then thank Joey, who pitched the idea after being inspired by the Hilary Duff-led Disney series back when he was a kid.

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The 25-year-old was also charged with choosing which YouTubers to feature in the series, and while some, like iJustine, were his friends already, there are also many he’d never met.

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Check out the exclusive clip above to find out which of Joey’s co-stars threw him for a loop (let’s just say GloZell did some crazy things) and what it was really like to film something with no retakes.

Check out new episodes of Escape the Night every Wednesday on YouTube Red and stay tuned to Wetpaint for more videos with Joey.