Joffrey Dies on Game of Thrones: 6 Reasons We’re Happy
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Game of Thrones

Joffrey Dies on Game of Thrones: 6 Reasons We’re Happy

The unthinkable has finally happened: King Joffrey has died on Game of Thrones. There have been a lot of deaths on the show, but none so well-deserved as his. Here are our reasons why we’re glad he’s gone.

Joffrey Dies on Game of Thrones: 6 Reasons We’re Happy
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The way he treated Tyrion: Joff was at his absolute worst right before he died, making his comeuppance all the more sweet. First he destroys Tyrion’s thoughtful gift, then he unveils a super offensive reenactment of the War of the Five Kings — starring dwarves — before suggesting his uncle join the fray. When Tyrion puts him in his place, Joffrey dumps wine on him and then forces his uncle to serve him. He was the worst.

They way he treated Sansa: The only person Tyrion was worse to than Tyrion was Sansa. While they were betrothed, Joff constantly abused Sansa both physically and emotionally, even having her father killed in front of her and later forcing her to look upon his head on a spike. Even after their engagement ended, Joffrey never really left Sansa alone, going out of his way to mention her family’s death whenever he saw her.

He was a horrible person: In addition to his mistreatment of Sansa and Tyrion, Joffrey was also awful to literally everyone else. Pompous, arrogant, and vicious, Joffrey killed prostitutes, mocked everyone he could, and thought there were no limits to the kinds of atrocities he could inflict on anyone who dared look at him funny.

Joffrey Dies on Game of Thrones: 6 Reasons We’re Happy
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He was a terrible king: Did Joffrey ever make a good decision as king? Tywin was really running the show, as Tyrion was before him, but Joffrey was still technically in charge. He had no clue how to rule, and every instinct he had was wrong. Hopefully the Realm will be better off without him on the iron throne.

Lannister debt paid: Joffrey, like all Lannisters, hadn’t really suffered a major defeat since Game of Thrones has been on the air. Eventually though, everyone’s luck changes, and we can’t think of a better way for the Lannisters to suffer a loss than by killing off their most despicable member.

Wedding irony: After Robb, Talisa, and Cat Stark were murdered at the Red Wedding, how amazing was it that Joffrey died at his own nuptial feast? We couldn’t think of a more perfectly ironic way to end things for him after the way he celebrated the results of the Red Wedding, making the “Purple Wedding” our new go-to Game of Thrones matrimonial memory.

Are you glad Joffrey's dead, or will you miss his evil ways?

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