John Mayer Broke a Promise to Katy Perry That Led to Their Breakup — Report
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John Mayer Broke a Promise to Katy Perry That Led to Their Breakup — Report

There are a lot of reasons why John Mayer and Katy Perry could have ended their relationship last week — including Katy not being ready to get married quite yet — but now, it sounds like Katy may have broken things off because John reverted back to his old ways.

John’s relationship with Katy made it easy to forget that he was once Public Enemy No. 1 when it comes to dateable guys in Hollywood. But, with the “Dark Horse” singer’s help, he was able to change his ways, and we were just starting to think he could be boyfriend material after all. Unfortunately, the change doesn’t seemed to have lasted all that long — and according to Hollywood Life, John has gone back to his old, shady ways, making it impossible for Katy to trust him.

“The last time the couple broke up — John won her back by making a ton of promises — he was going to put her first, but now he’s falling back into his old patterns,” a source close to the couple said. “Like he shuts off his phone and disappears all day and night. He says it’s because he needs alone time, but it’s sketchy for sure.”

We totally understand wanting to disconnect from technology for a little while. As much as we love Twitter and Instagram, sometimes, you just need a break. And while John probably feels the social networking pressure more than most people, it still isn’t okay to cut off someone you’re in a serious relationship with for hours at a time, especially if they have no idea where you are… and especially especially if you’ve promised in the past you wouldn’t do that.

“Katy isn’t willing to put up with any shenanigans,” the source continued. “She’s devastated but she felt she had to do this to take care of herself.”

Bravo, Katy, for putting yourself first! As cute as Katy and John were, we don’t want her to settle for anyone who doesn’t treat her like the princess she is.

Source: Hollywood Life

03.4.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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