The Bachelor

John Mayer Discusses Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis’s “Contempt” (VIDEO)

As further proof that you really never know who’s going to turn out be a Bachelor fan, John Mayer is coming clean about his love for the venerable ABC dating show. In fact, John is so infatuated with the show that he spends his free time trying to figure out why the show’s stars behave the way they do. Word of warning, John: Understanding the inner workings of an enigma like Juan Pablo Galavis might not be as easy as it seems.

Most viewers would be able to tell you that, based on Juan Pablo’s sour facial expression at the “After the Final Rose,” he was not in a great mood. But John Mayer decided to take the analysis a step further. On March 12, the singer-songwriter and noted lothario took to Instagram to post a photo from a book about reading people’s facial expressions.

“Thinking about Juan Pablo led me back to this book on my shelf called Unmasking The Face,” John captions the photo, which shows two people scowling. John has decided that Juan Pablo made this expression, referred to as “contempt with some disgust,” along with “a sadness brow.” And in case you decide to track down this book, you should know that the photo is from the chapter called, “Your Face Is a Wonderland.” (Please note: That is not the actual title of the chapter.)

You’ll definitely want to watch the video to see the page John posted and decide whether you agree with his findings. And we’re now learning two things about John. The first is that he loves The Bachelor although he doesn’t appear to be a big fan of Juan Pablo. And the second thing is that John has too much time on his hands since splitting with Katy Perry loves understanding the way people think.

Do you agree that Juan Pablo was demonstrating disgust, contempt, and sadness?