John Mayer Sues Watch Dealer Over Phony Rolexes — For HOW Much?
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John Mayer Sues Watch Dealer Over Phony Rolexes — For HOW Much?

Say what you need to say... and sue who you need to sue. Yes, singer John Mayer is suing a watch dealer for selling him a bunch of fake Rolexes. Translation: What time is it? It's litigation time.

You may thought you knew everything there is to know about John — including that he's a big fan of The Bachelor — but you might not have known that the guy is also an avid watch collector, having collected watches since 2007. Random, right?

Now, Forbes reports that he's suing a well-known Los Angeles-based watch dealer for selling seven very expensive Rolex watches to him which apparently contain parts from less-expensive watches.

The Rolex company has confirmed that John's "Frankenwatches" as they're called in the watch-collecting community (which is a community that we didn't really know existed until now) indeed contain "non-authentic" components. Apparently, the watches were purchased several years ago, and John might not have quite yet had a keen eye for watches back then.

So just how much is John looking to collect in the lawsuit? He is reportedly asking for $656,000, which is how much he paid for the watches. And here we thought that everyone just used their cell phone to tell time these days.

John — who split from pop star Katy Perry recently — apparently has a huge collection of watches, including over 100 top-tier vintage selections. And he also writes for a watch collection website. The guy really likes watches, is what we're trying to say.

Are you surprised that he's so into watches? And do you think he'll win this suit?

Source: Forbes

03.22.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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