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John Mayer Is Super Slimmed Down — He’s Nearly Unrecognizable! (VIDEO)

John Mayer is not normal. See, a normal person would turn to ice cream and Doritos and other various junk foods to fix a broken heart. But John? Ending things with Katy Perry did wonders for his figure.

Check out the newly slimmed down John by watching the video above. He was never a particularly large guy but we barely recognize the trimmed down fellow with the groceries! If it wasn’t for the pink T-shirt and hipster glasses, we might not know that’s John Mayer at all.

Since he and longtime girlfriend Katy called it quits (again) at the end of February, the “Heartbreak Warfare” singer has kept a low profile. While his firework of an ex has been spotted around the globe promoting her latest work, including can’t-get-it-out-your-head anthem “Birthday,” John’s clearly been hitting the gym and counting the calories. Or, you know, strumming his guitar, channeling his breakup into another hit album.

He’s hinted as much in his latest tweets, writing on July 27, “Sunday morning guitar playing in bed. Never gets uncool.” Later, he added, “Fine. More of a guitar brunch.”

Brunch? Boy, you don’t look like you’ve been anywhere near waffles lately.

What say you? Is John’s body officially a wonderland, or can you just not get over the reputation? Tell us in the comments.

Source: John Mayer on Twitter

07.29.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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