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How Many Kids Does Johnny Depp Want With Amber Heard? (VIDEO)

In case you haven’t heard the good news, Johnny Depp is engaged to actress Amber Heard, and he has the engagement ring on his finger to prove it! The actor recently confirmed the news of their engagement just last month, and he already has babies on his mind.

So how many more kids does this dashing 50-year-old want? “I love kids, I have two [Lily-Rose and Jack with ex Vanessa Paradis] and they’re perfect,” Johnny says during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. When asked if he would like more kids, Johnny responded, “Well I’d make a 100. I’ve got the easy gig!”

We’re sure Amber, 27, would have a few choice words about having 100 kids, but there’s no denying that these two should have a baby or two. They would be absolutely gorgeous!

Earlier this year the couple was tight-lipped about their impending nuptials, but ever since Johnny stepped out wearing a single diamond band on his finger, the word was out.

“It’s exciting to wear a girl’s ring,” Johnny expressed to ET. “I don’t know. It just fit.”

Rumor has it that the ring was in fact intended for Amber, but since it was too big for her finger, Johnny started wearing it.

Not only is Johnny a father to two kids, but he’s also a loving uncle to fellow actor Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly’s children, who actually call him Uncle Fun. The reasoning? Johnny honestly has no clue! “I don’t know, but they call me Uncle Fun, bless them,” he laughs. We can think of a million reasons why Johnny is called Uncle Fun, can’t you?

Why do you think Johnny earned that fun nickname? Sound off below!