Olympian Johnny Weir and Victor Vonorov Divorce: Victor Wants Custody Of Their Dog
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Olympian Johnny Weir and Victor Vonorov Divorce: Victor Wants Custody Of Their Dog

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir may have officially called it quits with his husband, Victor Vonorov, but it doesn’t mean their disagreements as a couple have come to an end. According to their recently released court papers, Johnny and Victor are in for one messy divorce.

Victor, a Russian lawyer, is requesting financial support as part of their divorce settlement — which is pretty standard — and custody of their dog, Tema, who is currently in Johnny’s possession. Apparently, the dog was an apology gift from Johnny to Victor after he was caught sexting someone else. Yikes!

“I trained him, walked him, took him to the veterinarian,” Victor states in the court papers, according to People. “As a direct result of being home alone while [Johnny] was promoting his ‘image,’ it is Tema that kept me company.”

Divorce is, on its own, a terrible experience, but doing it without your beloved four-legged bestie for support? Unthinkable.

And as far as the money issue goes, Victor’s gonna need some of that, too. The papers he filed say that in the midst of their not-so-amicable break-up, Victor’s bank account is looking a little grim.

“[I] do not have any income, assets, or resources and, as a direct result of [Johnny’s] media attack, I currently do not have any prospects for employment,” Victor says.

“Victor gave up his job for the marriage and moved to New Jersey at Johnny’s request,” Victor’s lawyer, Susan Reach Winters, told People. “They had very traditional roles — Victor supported Johnny in his career and here is Victor, getting the rug pulled out from under him.”

Source: People

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