Hilary Duff

Has Hilary Duff Joined Scientology? See Her New Ink! (VIDEO)

The Church of Scientology may have a new recruit: Hilary Duff. The newly single Hollywood mom has been seen rubbing elbows with various members of the church, a new social group following her breakup from husband of three years, Mike Comrie.

She supposedly attended Coachella with a “super Scientologist” (whatever that is) and we don’t think that means her hubby, who was also in her entourage during the festival. Not joining in on the musical fun: Hilary and Mike’s baby boy, Luca. That little tow-headed cutie was probably somewhere out of the sun, sipping on some juice and wondering what “Scientology” means. We don’t know either, Luca.

The most interesting development in this potential new chapter in Hilary’s life? The 26-year-old former Disney star has supposedly gotten inked with specific symbols that mean certain things to those in the know about Scientology. See the photos for yourself in the video above. Fair warning: It gets a little Da Vinci Code by the end.

Of course, it’s completely Hilary’s decision to chose if, how, and where she observes her personal faith. We only wonder if the Church of Scientology offers a singles night. Hil, after all, is back on the market. Tom Cruise, you looking for a date?

As for what Hilary has to say, she took to Twitter to debunk the rumors (kind of): "My favorite moon is out tonight which is what arm tattoo actually stands for in case anyone was confused ..."

Source: Hilary Duff on Twitter