How Far Does Jordan Rodgers Make It on ‘Bachelorette’ 2016?
Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher
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The Bachelorette

How Far Does Jordan Rodgers Make It on ‘Bachelorette’ 2016?


Whether or not the First Impression Rose on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is a curse is still up for debate.

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In the past, many Bachelor Nation-ers thought receiving the highly-coveted flower on night one was a sign of peaking too soon, as evidenced by the quick flame-out of contestants like Britt Nilsson, Nick Viall (the first time), and Olivia Caridi. But then again, there’s Shawn Booth!

So which path will JoJo Fletcher’s pick Jordan Rodgers take for the rest of Bachelorette 2016? Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2016 Disney    

The 27-year-old former footballer definitely makes his mark in the Season 12 premiere, wooing the Dallas beauty right out of the limo with tales of his parents’ 36-year marriage. He followed that up with a steamy kiss at the cocktail party, and his fate was sealed — all without having to name drop NFL MVP big bro, Aaron Rodgers!

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There’s clear instant chemistry between JoJo and the hunk, and you are right in assuming someone with such famous ties would stick around for a while. But would it surprise you if we told you he makes it all the way?

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2016 Disney    

Because he does! As with Ben Higgins and his Bachelor winner Lauren Bushnell, Reality Steve teases it’s basically the “JoJo and Jordan show” this year (hell, even their names sound great together).

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The Cali native makes it all the way through Hometown Dates (in his hometown of Chico), Fantasy Suites (in stunning Thailand), and then beats out fellow finalist and former athlete Robby Hayes in the Phuket-set finale.

Yep, our gal Joelle is now the future Mrs. Rodgers — assuming all the red flags about her now-fiancé aren’t true. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 23 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.


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