JoJo Freaks Out on Ex-Boyfriend on Hometown Date: \
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The Bachelor

JoJo Freaks Out on Ex-Boyfriend on Hometown Date: “That’s F—ked Up!”


Usually Hometown Dates involve touring around the neighborhood and introducing families, but on this week's Bachelor 2016, we got to ex-boyfriend?

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During JoJo Fletcher's date, we see her find a bouquet of roses and a letter on her doorstep, which she obviously thinks are from Ben. But as she reads the letter out loud, she quickly realizes it's from her ex Chad.

She says, "That’s so f—d up! I was so excited about today...I loved this person with everything that I had. And so opening myself back up has been hard and it wasn’t something that I didn’t expect to happen."

Then, in what was maybe a first in Bachelor history, JoJo takes out her phone and calls her former flame during Hometown Dates.

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As Chad claims he now knows what love is, JoJo explains, "There were so many times you walked away and didn’t look back — not even when I begged you to stay. And now you’re doing this? Now?"

Luckily Ben shows up and JoJo is able to open up to him about the situation. She tells Ben that she put an end to it over the phone and reiterated how her feelings are with Ben only.

Thinking you got flowers and a love note from your current boyfriend and it's actually from your ex? We totally don't blame JoJo for getting annoyed about that one. And the fact that she told Ben right away only seemed to make them stronger.

Sorry, Chad, but as a different JoJo once said, "you know it's just too little too late!"