Lisa Vanderpump Pokes Fun at Villa Blanca For Sale Rumors
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Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump Pokes Fun at Villa Blanca For Sale Rumors

If anyone was looking to buy a restaurant, Villa Blanca may not be for sale after all. At least, that’s what Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump would have us believe with her latest tweets mocking the rumors that the lawsuit-riddled resto is on the market.

“Alright everything is for sale ok? Pump, Sur, VB. Me, my house, my offers yet,” Lisa sassily tweeted, then added, “I draw the line at the sex monster.... @giggythepom But a gigolo can always be rented.” Oh, Lisa! Hilarious! We know you don’t have the rights to sell yourself — not according to your new RHOBH contract, at least.

Lisa may be playing coy, but sources (and logic) indicate that Villa Blanca is going, going, not quite gone yet. That’s a real shame for Lisa, as the problematic spot has been smacked with yet another lawsuit. This is Villa Blanca’s third run-in with the American judicial system, and its second sexual harassment lawsuit. Lisa may admittedly be bad at the business side of her empire, but even she has to know she’s in hot water with this latest development.

We love Lisa — she’s glamorous and British and witty — but all these lawsuits are really making us wonder about her. But, most importantly, we're curious how these rumors will impact the new season?

Do you think Lisa is faking for the cameras? Is Villa Blanca really for sale? Sound off in the comments!