The Walking Dead: Jon Bernthal Shares How He Wanted Shane to Die
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Jon Bernthal Shares How He Wanted Shane to Die

Shane was such a dynamic character on The Walking Dead — and no one can let him rest in peace.

Robert Kirkman had a Reddit AMA not too long ago, explaining how he considered killing Rick instead of Shane early in the comics books. On TV, Shane (Jon Bernthal) died in the penultimate episode of Season 2. He and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) had a confrontation and Rick ended up stabbing Shane to death. Shane turned, and Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) put his dad's BFF down.

Jon Bernthal had a different idea for how Shane should go, and he shared his vision at Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con. It's not too far away from the comics or the TV show, but it has some tweaks. As he explained (via, he wanted Rick to take his gun out to shoot Shane, then throw the gun away and say, "I can’t kill you, brother. What do you want from me?" That would enrage Shane and push him to say worse things to Rick.

“The point being," Jon continued, "that basically what I wanted to have happen was that I would rush him and force him to stab me. And then he would stab me, and I would fall on the ground. And when I re-animated, I would get up as a zombie. And since Rick threw his gun, when I’m approaching him as a zombie, he would pick up my gun, which was on the floor. And he would point it at me to shoot me. And he would just go click, click, and click. And my gun was empty. And then, Carl would have shot me. So Shane took Rick out there to make Rick shoot him to make him be man enough to raise his child. And to sort of infect his head and his psyche forever to put that on him. It’s the most selfish and selfless thing to do there.”

Shane always wants to get the last word, even on how people should raise kids after he's dead. (Little Ass-Kicker is his baby, though, right? We assume this?)

Are you glad The Powers That Be went in a different direction? In the comics, Carl shot Shane while he was still human — because Shane was pointing a gun at Rick and about to shoot him — and Rick later put zombie Shane down. Maybe AMC should bring Jon back and do a whole series of alternate endings for Shane, including one where he doesn't end — he lives on, and does whatever Shane would do if he had survived. That could be the next "spin-off"!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.


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