Jon Gosselin Allegedly Pulls Gun on Trespassing Photographer (UPDATED)
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Jon Gosselin Allegedly Pulls Gun on Trespassing Photographer (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Just as we suspected. In an update from TMZ, the photographer reportedly went to the police and was told that if she filed a complaint she would actually end up getting charged with criminal trespassing. Womp! So the paparazzi member asked the police to just not that Jon did shoot his gun on public property. Looks like Jon — and the photog — will both move along with their business now.

Original Story:

Normally we'd say it's a bad idea to pull a gun on anyone. That's a safe bet in general, but if someone follows you onto your private property, is it OK to show them you have a gun and (allegedly) fire a warning shot?

That seems to be the case with Jon Gosselin and a photographer who followed him home from his new waiter job on September 20 in Pennsylvania.

TMZ posted pics that show Jon with his gun, yelling at the photog. (So the photog was able to sell the pics anyway, apparently.) She followed him down a dirt road and thought it was public property, but it wasn't. Once she started taking photos, Jon came over to her and took a gun out of his pants. (That's what she said! Bad-dum.) She claims he yelled at her for trespassing and fired a warning shot. She quickly left, but Jon reportedly followed her until she got back to the main road.

Here's a really curious part — TMZ was told the photographer plans to go to the local police this afternoon to file a report. What kind of report? Turning herself in for trespassing? She wouldn’t try to press charges for Jon (allegedly) firing a gun when she was the one who basically stalked him onto his own property, would she? She's not exactly a victim here.

What do you think? It has to be scary to see someone pull a gun on you, but it's hard to feel sorry for someone who didn't know public from private property and made a big error in judgement. Paparazzi are not above the law.

Source: TMZ

09.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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