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Jon Gosselin Goes Off on Ex-Wife Kate: “She Can Eat S— and Die!” (VIDEO)

The Jon Gosselin vs. Kate Gosselin feud barrels along. The former spouses and Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality stars have been going tit for tat over the last couple of months, following Kate’s awkwardly forced appearance with eldest twins Mady and Cara on TODAY. But apparently things were really bad between them way before then, according to a new sneak peek from tonight’s episode of Jon’s current show, Couples Therapy.

In the preview clip from the VH1 reality series, Jon is seen venting to his girlfriend Liz Jannetta about his ex-wife, after she supposedly continues to block him from communicating with their kids.

When Liz asks Jon about the last time he spoke with the sextuplets and twins, Jon fires back with “like two f—ing weeks ago!” And Liz seems to be just as frustrated, pointing out that that was only after “50 f—ng phone calls, she’s such a b—!”

“[She doesn’t] value me as a human or a man. I’m never going to have that with Kate” Jon says to the VH1 cameras.

And he’s not done just yet. The father of eight also rips into Kate for continuing to put herself in the spotlight, by any means necessary — including using their kids. “She can go out and talk about the kids anytime she wants,” he bemoans. “She can tweet, and have a f—ng website dedicated to them… every motherf—ng book she’s ever put out because she wants to keep on being on television, which is never going to f—ng happen.”

If he wasn’t already clear enough with his contempt, he sure makes it clear here: “So she can eat s— and die.” Yikes!

Couples Therapy airs on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on VH1.

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