Jon Gosselin Plans to Sue Ex-Wife Kate for Primary Custody of Sextuplets
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Jon Gosselin Plans to Sue Ex-Wife Kate for Primary Custody of Sextuplets

Last week, Jon Gosselin said he was very “upset” by his daughters Mady and Cara’s uncomfortable appearance on TODAY with mom (and Jon’s ex) Kate, adding that he was going to “handle this as a family matter.” Well, looks like he’s making good on his word, as he’s just announced his intent to sue his ex-wife for primary custody of the twins’ younger siblings, the sextuplets.

Jon spoke to In Touch this week about his plans to sue for custody of 9-year-olds Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel, and Leah. According to the Couples Therapy star, seeing his twins so speechless in the on-air interview was his last straw. In fact, he claims that by not allowing him to watch the six kids while their older sisters were with Kate in New York (outside of their home state of Pennsylvania), she violated their custody agreement.

“They live in fear of Kate,” Jon says about the sextuplets. “Every time I see them, they tell me they want to live with me.”

So how is he going to approach this legally? “First, I’m going to file for an emergency petition for contempt ... The next step is to fight for custody,” Jon reveals, though he adds that he can’t file until he’s saved enough money for the lawyers and paperwork fees. “It’s the only way I can protect the younger six.”

He doesn’t know what will happen, though he hopes that this will, at the very least, give his estranged ex the wake-up call he thinks she needs.

“Regardless of what the judge decides, I have to at least try. I just wish Kate would wake up, realize how she’s behaving — and change her ways.”

Do you think Jon is doing the right thing or are you more on board with Kate? Share your allegiance in the comments below.

Source: In Touch Weekly

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