Jon Gosselin Wrote a Book — Would You Read Tell-All About Kate, Kids?
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Jon Gosselin Wrote a Book — Would You Read Tell-All About Kate, Kids?

Jon Gosselin admits he and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin have not made peace. Jon just had a long interview with Dads Round Table, talking about a book he wrote (that he's not sure he can publish yet, for legal reasons) and his tensions with Kate.

Does he think he and Kate can ever reach a level of civility?

"To being friends or acquaintances?" Jon said. "That’s not happening. We still argue about custody. She says the kids want to do this and I’m saying, they’re right here saying something else, so she’s speaking for them and they’re speaking for themselves when they are here. [...] I don’t know if it’s ever going to be to that [civil] point. Based on our history, no. But history can change. I don’t know why she doesn’t want to work together? I don’t know what the hate is, what the revenge is? She chose TV, she wanted to get divorced, she marketed the children. I just sit here. I really don’t go out that much. I stay on the deck. My friends and their kids come over, that’s pretty much what I do."

He admits the emotions are still raw, and he may just "snap" at some point.

"Honestly Jimmy [the interviewer], I haven’t spoken in 4 years, so now I’m doing stuff and it is all coming out because I don’t care anymore. Are you going to sue me? I don’t care. I’ll go to court by myself and for what? For freedom of speech? For freedom of expression? For actually telling the truth? I’m not under injunction anymore and I think that’s the fear of the network and the fear of my former wife but the truth is actually going to come out because one day, I’m just going to snap. Then it is all going to come out. I’m not bashing her but she has got to do what’s right for the kids. You know? When lies come out, I’m going to defend myself. I’ll go to court and tell the judge, here’s the proof, this is what my child wants, and no more B.S. and branding and marketing and product placement. They’re children. The court’s job is to protect the children, not us. The state doesn’t care about us. The state cares about the kids and to uphold the law, so do whatever. I have no fear anymore. I have no fear of the network. I don’t have fear of my former wife."

At the end of the two-part interview, he talks about his book.

"I wrote a book but I’m not sure I want to publish it now,” Jon said. “It has a lot of stuff going on, legality wise, I mean it would pretty much sum up everything. Why I did this, where I went, what was the purpose, I mean, leaving the network, I had to make money. I had to do appearances; it was the only way I could make money. Whether it was in Vegas or anything else like that, did I want to do it? Not really because it’s affecting me as a father but it’s garnering money so I could go to divorce court because I had to pay. I had to defend myself. You know?"

Read his full interview here.

Are you curious to read his book, to get his take on everything that happened from Jon & Kate Plus 8?

Source: Dads Round Table

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