Jon Gosselin Can Expect a Lawsuit If He Publishes Book on Kate — Report
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Jon Gosselin Can Expect a Lawsuit If He Publishes Book on Kate — Report

Jon Gosselin’s tell-all about his ex-wife, Kate, may still be years away from hitting the presses, but it’s already garnering plenty of buzz.

Jon, who recently confirmed that he’s planning to publish a book that will blow the roof off their marriage, could hit the relative motherlode (it is a book deal, not a movie contract, after all) should his book become a hit, but it seems he better save any pennies he earns for a rainy day, because he’ll need them all when it comes time to pay his lawyers. reports that, if Jon goes ahead with his tell-all, he’ll have plenty of people just waiting to sue him — and Kate will be first in line.

“If Jon’s book is published he will have numerous lawsuits against him — and not just from his ex-wife,” says a source close to the Couples Therapy star.

“It’s unfortunate that Jon cannot find peace within himself. The only time he gets press is when he’s either bashing Kate or his children, which is very saddening for the little Gosselins. Kate has moved on from Jon and his antics. At this point she wishes he would be a father to their eight children, instead of selling stories to the tabloids about them.”

While venturing into the publishing world may seem like a poor decision for Jon, it seems as though he’s got his heart set on telling his side of things.

“I think people want to hear my story,” says the star.

Do you think Jon should still publish his book about Kate, even if she’s threatening to sue?


03.14.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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