The Jonas Brothers Sex Tape — Does It Exist?
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The Jonas Brothers Sex Tape — Does It Exist?

Put Joan Rivers in a room with three young men and what do you get? Talk about sex tapes, of course. The famous Hollywood interviewer recently sat down with Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas and quizzed them about the X-rated footage rumored to be floating out there somewhere in the pop culture ether.

“Which one made the sex tape?” Joan asks with Kevin, aka the married one, quickly chiming in to clarify if she means the sex tape people have actually talked about. We’re sure pregnant wife Danielle loved that one, Kev.

“Apparently I made a sex tape,” Joe eventually mumbles about his supposed extracurricular activities. “I’m still waiting to see it,” he adds inspiring applause that quickly fades as he ultimately concludes, “There is no sex tape.”

That’s good news for ex Taylor Swift, whom Joe had no trouble gently mocking earlier in the interview.

“You’re the one who dumped Taylor Swift?” Joan says as she looks to Joe. His response: “I think it’s me and a few others.” Zing!

The brothers joke that they’ve never seen a royalty check from the three songs Taylor supposedly wrote about Joe’s dumping her over the phone. If it’s any consolation, guys, neither have Taylor Lautner, John Mayer or Harry Styles (to name a few).

09.9.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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