Jonathan Cheban Hopes Kim Kardashian’s Baby Had A Huge Head!
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Jonathan Cheban Hopes Kim Kardashian’s Baby Had A Huge Head!

Jonathan Cheban, how could you!

Kim Kardashian’s bestie was tracked down by TMZ recently, and it first blush it seems like he was wishing his bestie a painful delivery!

Jonathan was asked if he thought Kim’s baby would have a big head, because Kanye had such an impressive “melon.”

“I hope so,” Jonathan answered.

What?! Jonathan, you hope that the baby your best friend has just given birth to had an extra large head?! Now that’s just mean.

Oh wait, that’s not what he meant at all. Jonathan’s response to this super weird question was actually pretty great, and complimentary to Kim’s boyfriend and baby daddy, Kanye West.

“If she’s as smart as Kanye that’d be amazing,” Jonathan went on. “And talented.”

Nice save, Jonathan! Not that we ever doubted him. Kim and Jonathan might fight like siblings sometimes, but we know there’s nothing but love between these two in the end.

Jonathan has already been to visit new mom Kim in the hospital, since she gave birth on June 15, and while we don’t expect he’ll be commenting on the size of Baby Kimye’s dome any time soon, we do trust he’ll come up with another clever answer, should he get the question. That’s a good friend for you!

Source: TMZ