Jonathan Cheban on The Millionaire Matchmaker: “I Need a Perfect Ten!”
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Jonathan Cheban on The Millionaire Matchmaker: “I Need a Perfect Ten!”

Kim Kardashian’s BFF, Jonathan Cheban, is looking for love — or at least just the reality TV variety.

Kim’s now-famous bestie is set to appear on an upcoming episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker with Patti Stanger, despite the fact that he’s been dating Miami-local Anat Popovsky for months now.

While Jonathan claims he went on the show as a favor to an old friend and that he was already dating Anat at the time of taping, the reality star sure put a lot of thought into the kinds of women he’d like to choose from.

In a recently released clip from the show, Jonathan details exactly what it is he wants in a woman and the many, many things he doesn’t want in a woman.

“She needs to be funny. I love a good audience, so I need a good laugher,” Jonathan said.

When it comes to things Jonathan doesn’t want in a lady, the list is also lengthy.

“Pretty much 99 percent of anything,” he said, saying he hates “annoying” people, girls who take “forever to get ready,” “liars,” “social climbers,” and “ugly girls.”

Another no-no? Louboutin shoes, which he considers out of fashion these days.

“I don’t want to see the red bottoms,” he said. “They need to be ahead of the curve, not some cheese ball wearing Steve Maddens… I need a perfect ten!”

Since Jonathan and Anat are still happily together, we’re assuming the reality star didn’t meet anyone too special on The Millionaire Matchmaker. After all, no one can compare to Jonathan’s longtime BFF. Sigh.

“My celebrity crush is Kim Kardashian,” he said in the clip. “I love her butt, it’s kind of amazing. Because of her, I’ve changed the kind of girl that I like. They definitely need to be a little bit curvy — I used to like models, and now, actually, I can’t even look at models to be honest. I just think they’re so plain and so like, stick figure.”

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Source: Us Weekly