Lea Michele Writes About Jonathan Groff Coming Out to Her: Cory Told Me to Be Careful
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Lea Michele Writes About Jonathan Groff Coming Out to Her: Cory Told Me to Be Careful

Lea Michele’s first book release, Brunette Ambition, has turned out to be so much more than a guide to life from Lea’s perspective. It’s given us a wealth of information about what it’s like to star on Glee… and some behind-the-scenes gossip we never would have known otherwise.

And other than dropping the bomb on us that she and Matthew Morrison used to date, and the surprising list of her favorite Glee guest stars, Lea also wrote about what it was like when her good friend (and former Glee guest) Jonathan Groff came out to her.

And when she and Jonathan sat down to talk Brunette Ambition at a recent signing, she explained what it was like to write about that important time in her friend’s life — and how her boyfriend, Cory Monteith — who did get to read the book before he died of an overdose last summer — helped advise her while writing that chapter.

“I did write a lot in the book about you coming out to me, and what that was like, ” Lea said. “And I remember Cory telling me, ‘You’ve gotta be careful, because you’re talking about someone.’ So I edited that a lot.”

Cory was very wise — coming out is obviously a very personal thing for someone, and Lea must have walked a pretty fine line when decided what details to include about what the process was like for Jonathan.

“I really wanted to talk about everyone a lot,” Lea said. “Even when I do interviews and things and people ask me about cast members, or stuff that’s going on in the show, the reason a lot of people don’t like to talk about it is because you’re talking about someone else … So that’s something I don’t regret putting in the book, because I did trim it down.”

And in the meantime? We’re happy Lea used so much discretion in Brunette Ambition, while also supplying us with tons of juicy stuff we wanted to know.

Is there anything you wish Lea would’ve been able to mention in her book that she didn’t?

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