16 and Pregnant’s Jordan Cashmyer Is Reportedly Stripping!
Credit: Jordan Cashmyer on Twitter    

16 and Pregnant

16 and Pregnant’s Jordan Cashmyer Is Reportedly Stripping!

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham made headlines when she took a $544,000 stripping gig in Austin, Texas, and it looks like she's paving the way for other reality baby mamas.

So, who is the latest lady with a baby to straddle a stripper pole? That would be recent 16 and Pregnant star, Jordan Cashmyer, who spent much of her episode being homeless.

The good news? Jordan and her daughter, Genevieve, currently live with Jordan's parents. The questionable news? She abandoned her plans to join the military, and now works as a stripper.

That's right, The Ashley's Reality Roundup reports that Jordan is bringing home the bacon by working at a Baltimore gentleman's club.

The Ashley adds that Jordan took to Twitter on August 15 to deny rumors that she actually strips, saying, "Just to clarify I do work at a strip club but no I do not strip.” However, there are reports that multiple sources have seen her dancing.

So, what does Jordan's ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Derek Taylor, think of her new gig? “I mean it does kinda suck but I can’t control her,” The Ashley says he mused on an Ask account. “She is a big girl. And I won’t allow my daughter to do that dumb s—t so I’m not trippin!”

Sounds like Derek doesn't approve, but he and Jordan are still friends despite their differences, and fear not –– he doesn't expect Jordan to film a Farrah-style sex tape because she's "not built for that."

Are you surprised that yet another former MTV star has morphed into a stripper? Take to the comments and let us know what you think about Jordan's surprising career choice.

Source: The Ashley's Reality Roundup