16 and Pregnant

16 and Pregnant’s Jordan Cashmyer Stresses About Breastfeeding Daughter, Genevieve (VIDEO)

Season 5 of MTV’s hit docu-drama, 16 and Pregnant has been a roller coaster ride of emotions leaving us binge-eating Cheetos. We’ve seen baby mommas cry over their baby daddies, family drama, and so much more. But in the upcoming episode airing on Monday, June 9, we see what happens after the baby arrives, and it’s a whole lot of emotion over breastfeeding, y’all.

In this sneak peek, we meet homeless couple Jordan Cashmyer and Derek Taylor, and their newborn, Genevieve at the ungodly hour of 12:39 a.m. It turns out that little Genevieve isn’t giving her parents much shuteye because she’s hungry, and as a result, these two get into heated discussion about it.

As baby Genevieve starts crying, Jordan wants to hold the baby, but Derek doesn’t let her. “No, here’s the problem, anytime you hear her make a peep, you just want to scoop her up,” he says. “No, let her cry!”

When Genevieve’s cries don’t let up throughout the night, Jordan and Derek are pushed to their limits. “She’s just going to keep getting up and crying because she is hungry — that’s not fair to me!” Jordan exclaims to Derek. “When am I ever suppose to sleep if I have to feed her every freaking thirty minutes.”

Derek’s response? “You’re the one who wanted to breast pump,” to which Jordan quickly replies, “We have no money for formula so I had to pump.” Whoa, so much drama, so little airtime, ya’ll.

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Make sure you catch an all-new 16 and Pregnant Monday, June 9 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.