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Jordin Sparks and Boyfriend Jason Derulo Get Steamy on New Album (VIDEO)

Sparks fly on Jason Derulo’s new album and we have an American Idol winner to thank! Jordin Sparks joins her handsome boyfriend on his latest project and the results are almost too hot to handle.

The “Talk Dirty” singer chatted about his new album, also called Talk Dirty and out this week. “This time around it was just carefree,” he says of his latest batch of music. “It wasn’t about anything but about having fun … I invited some pretty awesome people to be on the album.”

Guest stars include Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz, Tyga, and, last but not least, his gal pal Jordin. “There’s quite a bit of Jordin that’s on there,” Jason says, adding that despite being together for nearly two years, things weren’t exactly smooth sailing working together.

“Working with Jordin, my girl, it was a little sticky at first,” he says. “Just trying to figure out each other’s space in the studio, but I think that was natural. And I definitely wanted her to be on the album.”

All told, there were six or seven Jordin-Jason duets, each steamier than the last with Jason ultimately deciding on one, “Vertigo,” to feature on Talk Dirty. Get a sneak peek of the singing lovebirds’ number in the video above!