How Does Jordin Sparks Feel About Jason Derulo Talking Dirty? (VIDEO)

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How Does Jordin Sparks Feel About Jason Derulo Talking Dirty? (VIDEO)


We’ll admit we’re a little hung up over Jordin Sparks and her main squeeze, Jason Derulo. The American Idol alum looks even more amazing every time we see her, and her beau Jason isn’t too hard on the eyes himself. Plus, they’re both super talented and have no problem blending their vocals together in steamy singles like “Vertigo” on Jason’s new album, Talk Dirty.

But what exactly does Jordin make of her boyfriend’s sexy songs? This is, after all, the girl who put a purity ring on it and meant it. So what’s she think when Jason’s singing lyrics like “first class seat on my lap girl, riding comfortable” and “your booty don’t need explaining” (not to mention the X-rated words of contributor 2 Chainz)?

“It’s incredible. I’m really proud of him,” she says of the song, mentioning how Jason’s made such a miraculous recovery after breaking his neck two years ago after a stunt went wrong. “To see from where he was to where he is now, his song went No. 1 and he’s touring the world,” his girlfriend gushed. “I’m so proud!”

Jordin, who was dressed up for a Kentucky Derby party hosted in Los Angeles, credited technology for keeping her and her man connected despite their hectic schedules. Hear where he’s currently off to and check out Jordin’s great hat in the video above!