Joseline Hernandez Calls Out Former Friend Dawn as a Scam Artist!
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Joseline Hernandez Calls Out Former Friend Dawn as a Scam Artist!

My, my, my, how the tables have turned. For a portion of Season 3, Mimi Faust has worked beside Joseline Hernandez’s former booking agent, Dawn, to expose both Joseline and hubby (Mimi’s ex) Stevie J. as a fraudulent couple who are lying about being married and having a grandiose lifestyle. While most of Dawn and Mimi’s plans to bring down Joseline and Stevie have been thwarted, it looks like Dawn is now at the center of her own scandal and Joseline is reveling in it.

MediaTakeout, a notorious gossip site, posted an article on Dawn’s alleged sketchy past and Joseline decided she wanted to share the findings with her fans (and virtually the world).

“Would you take a look at this scam artist ms dawn Heflin,” Joseline captioned a screenshot of Dawn’s alleged rap sheet as obtained by MediaTakeout.

While several of the Puerto Rican princess’s fans thought Joseline was well within her rights to put Dawn’s own past on blast, others weren’t as impressed. In fact, some felt Joseline should’ve left Dawn’s situation alone, especially since neither Joseline nor Stevie have provided a photo of their marriage certificate to shut down rumors that they’re legally wed.

Not to mention, Joseline’s past has its own fair share of holes… coughShenellicaBettencourtcough.

Do you think Joseline was wrong for posting photos of Dawn’s rap sheet obtained by MediaTakeout? Sound off in the comments below!

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