Joseline Hernandez Responds to Reunion Show Brawl Backlash
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Joseline Hernandez Responds to Reunion Show Brawl Backlash

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez has been catching a lot of heat lately. The Puerto Rican princess was at the center of several fights during the Season 3 reunion taping, and even took to Twitter to let the world know that she fought with three of her castmates. But while Joseline obviously takes responsibility for her involvement, she’s not too pleased with everyone (most notably Benzino) saying the brawl was her fault.

Taking the time to get her side out there, Joseline headed to Twitter with a series of screenshots explaining how she felt about it all.

“Is funny that 2 n—as beefing about 1 p—y and start a riot and I get blame for everything. Roll the camera please!!” Joseline tweeted on July 21, followed by “All the bulls—t motherf—s will do and say anything for a storyline. Funny. #lahhatl know exactly what I’m talking about. Mona Scott need to check her workers cause I will have a lot to say asap rocky.”

The aspiring rapper added to the latter tweet, “I guess you gotta show them better than you can tell them.”

Uh-oh! Does that mean there’s more brawling to come?

Moments later, Joseline hopped on Instagram to post her feelings, adding yet another note reading, “1 mad cause the other 1 f—ed his bitch at his house. How he bout to marry the hoe. We all f—k doe. LMAO.” But it didn’t stop there. Joseline went on to caption the photo, “How did I get dragged into this? Oh I forgot they thought I was going to get mad ;). Don’t think so. That’s just 1 more dirty pissy p—y.”

Last week, Benzino claimed Joseline started the fighting out of a jealous rage and that Love & Hip Hop executive producer Mona Scott Young allowed all of it to happen and may even have had a hand in it! While Joseline says in her post she wasn’t “mad”, her hubby, Stevie J., did confirm she got into a scuffle with multiple people but it wasn’t “that serious.”

“There wasn’t no knockouts”, Stevie J. revealed, adding there were, however, “a couple scratches” and “a quick hair pull here and there. It wasn’t even serious ‘cause it’s like 40 security [guards] in there.”

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