Joseline Hernandez Reveals Wedding Day Details to Prove Marriage Is Real
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Joseline Hernandez Reveals Wedding Day Details to Prove Marriage Is Real

For the past six episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Joseline Hernandez’s marriage to Stevie J. has been questioned by several castmates — most notably Stevie’s ex (and Joseline’s enemy), Mimi Faust. After Joseline's former friend and booking agent, Dawn, informed Mimi of Joseline’s “fraudulent” marriage, Mimi became even more hellbent on exposing the truth, however, Joselina and Stevie maintain that they are indeed a married couple. And to prove it, Joseline’s dishing the deets on how her wedding to Stevie went down on June 29 July 29, 2013.

In an interview with VH1, Joseline (with Steebie in tow) said that it was all her hubby’s idea to get married, saying “Stevie told me the night before, ‘We should go get married.’ I said, ‘We should go do it!’

As for the attire of the day, Joseline says she “wore a cheap little white BCBG dress. Something simple. I had on some black shoes. I can’t even remember which ones. I really just threw something on. What shoe I had on? I don’t even remember,” while Stevie kept it simple with “Black Polo tee. Black Polo jeans, and some black J’s! All black.

While Stevie refused to mention who the witness was at their courthouse wedding (saying “next question”), he did say that their oh-so highly-sought out marriage certificate is real… sort off.

“They gotta look and they’ll find it,” Stevie said of their Georgia marriage certificate, “They gotta look.

Regardless of the marriage-gate, the two are adamant that if anything is real, it’s their love for each other.

“I do believe in soul mates and she mirrors me and I mirror her,” Steebie said of Jos, who in turn said, “I wouldn’t want to have any other husband. He accepts me for who I am and my past. He doesn’t judge me for it.

Aww! Let’s hope these two have the big white (first or second?) wedding that they’re hoping for!

Do you think Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez’s marriage is a hoax? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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