Joseline Hernandez Says Her Twitter Was Hacked After Stevie J. Split: “It’s All Lies”
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Joseline Hernandez Says Her Twitter Was Hacked After Stevie J. Split: “It’s All Lies”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez have been putting on quite a show in the past couple of days. Stevie told TMZ he dumped Joseline, claiming he had proof that she cheated with multiple men.

However some stuff got added after that on Twitter, by Stevie and Joseline, that has since been deleted. On July 4, Stevie's account tweeted, "Took her from the strip club & off her back & she sleeps on me with over 30 dudes even gay men. #staytuned." But that tweet is now gone.

Meanwhile, Joseline’s account was BUSY, sharing all kinds of racy photos and tweeting stuff like "I'm having sex right now," "If I got aids everybody gone got it," "Fuckin fagot that why I slept with the driver," "And I f-ck nelly at the 4 seasons," "Yea nigga I fuc the driver at da White House bitch," "Bitch nigga n I flew to canada and fuc drake," "Suck KD dick and harden," with DM exchange screen shots. My my!

Those tweets are all gone, and Joseline said she never posted them. She reloaded her Instagram on July 4 (Independence Day, which seems fitting) and her first post noted, "You can hacked my twitter my Instagram I'm still the baddest. I'm so glad I stay on your Mind. #LastNight #Puertoricanprincess #ATL #SpanishRockStA"

She also shared these videos, confirming the hack and distancing herself from all the stuff posted in the past few days. Warning: Strong language ahead!

And Baller Alert shared this video of Joseline saying she has no wedding ring. According to their post, “A BA'er sent us video of #joseline at supper club. She said before she grabbed her phone and started recording she said ‘f-ck #steviej ... Check out what else she said #video #pressplay #lhhatl #lhh."

Do you know what to make of any of this? So much has been deleted from Twitter in the past two days, but here’s one tweet that’s still alive on Stevie’s account: “Don't believe what you hear & half of what you see. Goodnight.”

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