Joseline Hernandez Tweets Guests Were “Tripping” at Sleazy & Zino Bar Brawl (PHOTOS)
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Joseline Hernandez Tweets Guests Were “Tripping” at Sleazy & Zino Bar Brawl (PHOTOS)

Last night was definitely one for the books for the cast and crew of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. While filming the grand opening of co-stars Benzino and Stevie J.’s bar, Sleazy & Zino, a fight spiraled out of control, with some of it being captured by TMZ cameras. Though most of the cast has been pretty mum (we presume because of non-disclosure contracts and all), a few of the castmates were able to send a subliminal tweet or two about what went down.

Bay @hitmansteviej them hoes was tripping last night @sleazyandzinos everybody can't be in the mix,tweeted Joseline Hernandez.

According to TMZ, the fight started when Joseline’s “friend” instigated a fight with a member of the cast. Before anyone could make sense of the situation, Benzino’s ex-girlfriend, Karlie Redd, was knocked out, Momma Dee was hit in the face with a bottle, and Shay Johnson was being hauled away.

Though we can’t be sure what the fight was about, there’s some speculation that the fight may have involved Benzino’s new fiancé, Althea “Thi Thi” Heart. Earlier today, February 6, Zino took to Instagram to throw a jab or two at Karli.

“Since @karlieredd wanted to come to MY event to start shit and question MY love for MY WOMAN @luvheraltheaheart Id thought I clear THINGS UP FOR YOU!!!! #reallovecantbebroke,” he captioned a photo of his new tattoo — “Thea” — on his wrist. Later he posted a pic of himself with Thi Thi and Karlie in the middle of a convo with the caption, “Only GOD CAN STOP THIS!!! @iamkarlieredd THAT LIL STUNT YOU PULLED LAST NIGHT ONLY MADE US STRONGER!!!”

Joseline Hernandez Tweets Guests Were “Tripping” at Sleazy & Zino Bar Brawl (PHOTOS)
Credit: Instagram    

Hmm… sounds to us like this “brawl” may have been a catfight gone bad — especially when you add the fact that Karlie showed up with Erica Dixon, Shay’s no.1 nemesis.

So far Shay, Momma Dee, and Karlie have not said anything about what took place. Guess we’ll have to wait until May when Season 3 airs on VH1 to see what really went down! Meanwhile, Zino tried to do a little damage control with a post to Instagram, saying, “It was all love at #sleazyandzinobistro&bar #f—whatuheard.”

A bottle to the face doesn’t sound like much love, but if you say so, Zino!

What do you think instigated the “brawl” at the Sleazy & Zino grand opening? Tell us your theories in the comments below!

Source: Twitter/Instagram

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