Joseline Hernandez’s Former Manager Claims She’s a Cheater!
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Joseline Hernandez’s Former Manager Claims She’s a Cheater!

The cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta can’t manage to keep themselves out of messy situations. In the latest bout of mudslinging and character shaming, Joseline Hernandez has become the prime target (yet again) of her former booking agent, Dawn Heflin, who claims (among other things) that both Joseline and her husband, Stevie J., are cheaters living a fraudulent life.

In a recent interview with VLAD TV, Dawn (who joined forces with Stevie J.’s ex Mimi Faust to expose the couple in Season 3) airs a lot of Joseline and Stevie’s dirty laundry, from their philandering ways to their rumored substance abuse!

“Joseline’s been a slut. She was sleeping with one of Stevie’s friend who was with them producing. That’s what she did. She slept with like two or three guys,” Dawn says, later adding “That’s who she is. She still is that person.” But that’s not all. Dawn also says that Joseline’s antics have upset Stevie’s dad, who she claims doesn’t like her, either.

“Even Stevie’s father doesn’t like Joseline. He knows how she is. I think she got caught trying to sleep with one of Stevie’s friends in the house,” Dawn reveals. Um, can you say, awkward?!

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And even though Stevie himself has admitted to Joseline’s 30 or so affairs, Dawn notes that Stevie hasn’t been innocent either. “Stevie’s f—g her nail tech,” Dawn tells Vlad TV, adding the shocking revelation “and [Joseline] and the nail tech are cool, so I guess that’s what they like.”

Wow! We knew that Stevie and Joseline were pretty liberal when it came to their bedroom time, but not that liberal — especially since Joseline has spent half of Season 3 upset with her husband over some inappropriate pictures of other women in his phone and his past fling with Benzino’s fiancée, Althea Heart.

In addition to the couple stepping out on each other, Dawn also claims that both reality TV stars dabble in drug use. Dawn recalls an incident in which she witnessed Joseline using drugs and says, “when I confronted her about it, she said Stevie put her on to it.” Those are some serious accusations, made even scarier since Stevie recently tested positive for weed and cocaine in a court-ordered drug test.

“These two frauds, they’re living a lie. They’re not married. They can’t produce a marriage certificate,” Dawn says. “There’s just so much going on with these people. They’re just some real clowns.”

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Source: VLAD TV

07.23.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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