Joseph Morgan Would Rather See Cami and Caroline Get Together! (VIDEO)
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The Originals

Joseph Morgan Would Rather See Cami and Caroline Get Together! (VIDEO)

The Originals star Joseph Morgan (Klaus) has some serious game in the People’s Choice Awards’ “Against the Clock,” a 30-second game of rapid fire questions. During his time on the hot seat, we learn what he and Klaus have in common, on which show he’d most like to guest star, and who he ships Klaus with: Caroline (Candice Accola) or Cami (Leah Pipes).

OK, so he kind of evaded that last question with a cheeky “Camoline” answer — or maybe he really ships the two characters together? Either way, we can’t help but love the enthusiastic spirit with which JoMo dove into answering the questions. If you were wondering, Daniel Gillies (Elijah) is both the co-star who most frequently makes him break character on set and the person he sees most often offset; he wants to guest star on The Walking Dead; and he desperately wants Robert Knepper (perhaps best known as Prison Break’s T-Bag) to guest star on The Originals. Also, the thing Joseph and Klaus most have in common: their face.

We can’t help but admit we’re most intrigued by this Cami or Caroline question. As The Originals progresses, it seems more and more clear that the show is presenting Cami and how Klaus reacts to her in a very similar way as Caroline and her relationship with Klaus on The Vampire Diaries. Both Cami and Caroline are optimistic blondes who aren’t afraid to stand up to Klaus and tell him exactly what they think of him. They are also two of the most moral characters on shows filled with immoral “heroes.” While Klaus caters his actions for almost no one; he seems to try to be better for both Caroline and Cami.

The only difference at this point seems to be that Klaus repeatedly professed his feeling for Caroline through both his actions and words. Thus far, he has made no such romantic advances on Cami, though he does seem to be rather jealous of her relationship with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). Is Klaus interested in Cami or does his heart still lie with Caroline? (Caroline, duh.) Are the two mutually exclusive. (Er...probably not.) We’ll be interested to see how the Cami/Klaus dynamic develops as things get worse in the French Quarter. And, as always, we can’t wait until Caroline makes what is hopefully an inevitable appearance on The Originals — not only so we can see her reunited with Klaus, but to see how she and Cami get along.

The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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