The Bachelorette

How Often Did Josh Murray and Andi Dorfman See Each Other After the Proposal? (VIDEO)

Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and her Season 10 Final Rose snagger Josh Murray have a leg up on every other Bachelor or Bachelorette couple in the history of the franchise: Not only are they both from Atlanta, but within that vast metropolis they live just five miles from one another. No plane, no train, and (if you’re a fitness buff) no automobile needed to go get schmoopy with your whoopy.

So just how often did MurrDorf (sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings, amirite?) take advantage of their close proximity in those days between the proposal (May 9) and the blessed night they could finally go public with their lovesies (July 28)?

In a chat with HuffPost Live, the couple reveals they snuck into each other’s cribs pretty much every single day. “We didn’t want to spoil it for everyone but we also knew we weren’t going to be apart from each other,” says Andi. “I mean, we’re engaged, living five miles away from each other.”

A viewer then asked the $5 million dollar question: Did the couple get together every Monday night to watch The Bachelorette? The duo sidestepped the question, so we’re guessing they didn’t watch together — and really, is there any amount of wine and popcorn that could make watching Andi make out with a bunch of other guys not awkward for the J Dawg?

So how’d they keep their canoodling under wraps? Watch the video to hear all about their secret lover skills, then tell us what you think of them breaking the rules in the comments.