Josh Duhamel Is “Scared Sh-tless” of Fatherhood, But Any Day Now…
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Josh Duhamel Is “Scared Sh-tless” of Fatherhood, But Any Day Now…

The Internet had to tell Josh Duhamel that his wife had changed her last name to match his.

Josh told omg! it was Fergie's plan for a while, but he didn't know she was officially Fergie Duhamel until he read it online. "When the baby comes she wanted all of us to have the last name. It was very sweet." Aww! Mama rock star is getting so traditional on us.

Josh and Fergie will welcome their first child (a boy) any day now — and Josh admitted he's "scared sh-tless" about it. "Everyone has advice, but I'm always happy to hear it," he said. omg! suggested he get Fergie a post-baby present. "If ever a woman deserves a present, it's for carrying a baby for nine months," Josh said, laughing. "I definitely will do something special."

Josh said the Black Eyed Peas singer has really taken to pregnancy, and so far it's been pretty drama-free. "She's happy, seems to be in great spirits, and is more beautiful than ever."

Yeah she should get him a present for being such an adorable husband. And despite his scared poopless claim, you can just tell how excited he is to be a daddy. They are going to have fun.

Source: Us Weekly