Josh Lucas Talks “Amazingly Enjoyable” Co-Parenting After Divorce
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Josh Lucas Talks “Amazingly Enjoyable” Co-Parenting After Divorce

If you were worried for Josh Lucas and Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, who split up back in January, don't be! Although the going got tough at first, according to Josh, the pair have really gotten into the groove of co-parenting their son, Noah Rev, born in June 2012.

"We're basically now at a point where we're co-parenting in a way that's thoroughly and amazingly enjoyable," The Firm star, 42, tells People. "It's finding that inside of it all. For me and Jess, we worked really hard to find that — and to find that friendship."

Bear in mind Jessica only filed the papers five months ago. They must have, indeed, worked super hard.

Despite the split, the couple has been spotted hanging out with little Noah like one happy family all over the world! After an apparently amicable split, the family has still stuck together for their outings, whether it's to South America or just to grandma's house.

We're sure having an adorable, charming little boy around doesn't hurt Josh's positive vibes. "I'm mesmerized every day by him," he gushes. "I'm amazed by his amazement … I learn more from this child every day than he does from me."

"He's just got this magical, happy spirit and extremely positive personality. He wakes up and goes to sleep laughing or smiling," adds the Sweet Home Alabama hottie. "When he has a tantrum, he doesn't do it very well. You can see he's totally confused by it."

A charming, happy kid who doesn't know how to throw a tantrum? Color us jealous!

Source: People