Josh Murray Reveals Amanda Stanton Visited Him Right Before ‘BIP’ Season 4
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Josh Murray

Josh Murray Reveals Amanda Stanton Visited Him Right Before ‘BIP’ Season 4


Just one episode into Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, and Amanda Stanton has already addressed her split from Season 3 fiancé Josh Murray.

In fact, she’s even thrown some expert shade his way — returning her engagement ring, citing the “red flags” she ignored, calling him “sweaty,” and even poking fun in her intro package.

Not to be outdone, her ex is doing his own share of subtle dissing — albeit in the press instead of on TV.

If you watched last night’s (August 14) ep, you saw Amanda musing on why her engagement to the Atlanta hunk didn’t work out.

“With Josh and I, there were so many things that were great but there was just something that felt a little bit off,” the single mom admitted, adding, “He’s a sweaty person.”

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She didn’t just stop there either — did you notice the dig in her intro, with the piece of pizza chasing her down the beach?

That’s a nod to her former beau’s obsession with the food!

Interestingly, even before any of this aired, Josh was commenting on the Cali girl’s return to Paradise for a second time.

More specifically, he weighed in on her new BIP romance with Robby Hayes, who just so happens to have been a friend of his — awkward!

Most people might have a hard time seeing their ex move on so quickly and publicly, but Josh insists he isn’t bothered by their relationship.

Actually, he claims he’s “thankful” to see her dating someone else — and putting an end to their on-again-off-again drama.


“It makes me feel good because I don't have to deal with all the craziness anymore. I'm not worried about that,” the 33-year-old tells Us Weekly.

He continues, "I moved on a long, long time ago. I'm dating, I'm doing a lot of things and I wish them nothing but the best.

“I have no issues whatsoever. I'm actually thankful because I'm not getting hit up all the time on my phone about things that are just insane.”

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Whoa! Apparently, the former athlete is referring to the complicated romance the two carried on for several months after initially splitting in December 2016.

“It was just so much negativity and so many lies in that relationship that it was very unhealthy and it was depressing,” he recalls.

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That said, neither party had an easy time letting go for good. While Josh claims he hasn’t talked to the lifestyle blogger “in a long time,” he also admits they were in touch as recently as right before BIP Season 4 filming.

He details, “She actually flew out to see me maybe three weeks before she was going to go on Paradise and I made it very clear that I had moved on and I have continued to move on.

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“So no, I have no connection with her whatsoever anymore. It's very, very refreshing,” he concludes.


Though his former fiancée is taken again, the Southern fella is still looking for the one, recently joining up with dating app Hinge to find someone outside of Bachelor Nation.

"I think I've experienced, at least in the past as far as the industry is concerned, that some people just perform for the cameras and are very different off camera,” he starts.

“Hinge gives me the ability to get to know somebody off camera and that's been very important.”

Outside of not being famous, another requirement for his future wife is someone who can be a “homebody” and “chill person” like himself.

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“I don't need to go out and go crazy. I just enjoy chillness and I just enjoy the presence of somebody. I don't need all of the craziness,” he shares.

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