Josh Murray on Andrew Poole’s Alleged Comment: There’s Audio Somewhere
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Josh Murray on Andrew Poole’s Alleged Comment: There’s Audio Somewhere

One of the more intense moments of tonight’s Men Tell All special was the heated exchange between Andrew Poole and JJ O’Brien (and then Chris Soules and JJ) when both Andrew and JJ stuck to their guns and accused the other of lying about a racial slur Andrew allegedly made during the first Rose Ceremony of the season.

If only ABC had audio of the moment in question, we could all put the “he said, he said” stuff behind us and move on with the truth. Well, according to one of Andi Dorfman’s final two, Josh Murray, there’s simply no way ABC doesn’t have the audio.

During the special Josh tweeted, “Everything that everyone says at Rose Ceremonies is recorded bc everyone has microphones on...Ponder that & then come to ur own conclusions.”

So what exactly is Josh trying to get at? There are really only two options if ABC does have the audio: Either Andrew did make the uncouth comment and producers are trying to protect him, or Andrew’s innocent and they’re prolonging the drama.

Two other past contestants chimed in on the missing audio as well, with Jaclyn Swartz, from The Bachelor Season 16, seeming to take Andrew’s side by tweeting “Quite peculiar that they don't have the audio. Mics are always on. I don't think this is a fair to Andrew - sucks.”

Kelly Travis, of The Bachelor Season 18 fame, agreed, writing “If they have video, they have audio.”

With both JJ and Andrew adamant that they’re telling the truth, it appears we’ll never really know what was said that night. But despite who is telling the truth, Marquel Martin definitely handled the situation like a champ.

What do you think? Is there audio we’re not getting to hear? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Josh Murray on Twitter