Josh Murray’s Dating History: His Pre-Andi Dorfman Love Life (VIDEO)
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The Bachelorette

Josh Murray’s Dating History: His Pre-Andi Dorfman Love Life (VIDEO)

Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and her fiancé, Josh Murray, are a match made in sporty heaven. But before Josh found love with an established reality television starlet, he was a mere mortal who dated his fellow peasants. You guessed it, Bachelor Nation, the time has come to educate yourself about Josh's pre-Andi love life!

And the timing couldn't be better. Josh and Andi have been publicly engaged for less than a week, but inaccurate rumors have circled for months about Josh's wandering eye. While it's obvious that Josh loves Andi, this hot couple's relationship is heading towards some major public scrutiny, which is why we just must analyze Josh's dating history.

Though we don't know too many specifics about Josh's pre-Bachelorette love life, he did open up about his prior relationships to Andi during their romantic 1-on-1 date in Marseilles. Turns out this former pro baseball player hadn't been in a serious relationship for a whopping five years before falling for Miss Dorfman, but prior to this epic dry-spell, he had two serious girlfriends — one of whom cheated on him.

"I was in baseball, I was dating a girl," Josh mused to Andi during dinner. "The day before she went to go visit me, she called me up and she was like, 'Last night I went out kissing somebody.' I was like, whoa. And that really hurt. That's when, I guess, it's tough for me to trust somebody."

Bless Josh's poor broken heart. Luckily, this dude managed to rebound with another serious relationship after being cheated on, but the problem? He wasn't in love! "The last girlfriend, everything was great. We said our 'I love yous' and I did love her, and I meant it," Josh explained. "But it was never the 'I love you' to where I think I'm going to marry you."

So, what have we learned? Josh had approximately two serious relationships before Andi waltzed into his life — one of whom is rumored to be a gal named Brittany McCord. Josh hasn't confirmed that he and Brittany were an item, but she tweeted a photo of herself posing with him back in March along with the caption "Even tho it didnt work out between us, I still wish you all the best on the next season of the bachelorette #teamjosh."

The weird thing? Brittany also tweeted a photo of herself posing with Josh's brother, Aaron, along with the caption "Ugh I know we didn't make it as a couple but I still have faith in you. Good luck in the draft Aaron!"

Ummm, clearly this girl has a type. And it seems like she's stayed pretty tight with the Murray family, because apparently — and take this with a grain of salt, traumatized Murman/MurDorf shippers — she's been snap-chatting Josh.

We know, we know, the horror! But don't fret. These types of rumors are to be expected post-Bachelorette, and we have it on good authority that Brittany and Josh never actually dated. "She’s not his ex-girlfriend, never was his ex-girlfriend," spoiler guru Reality Steve says. "She was a fan of the Murray’s, took pictures with both brothers, and essentially said the same thing in each picture." Phew, what a load off. Josh and Andi are clearly in it for the long haul — though let's be real, we're dying to know more about the two ladies who stole Josh's heart pre-Andi!

Source: Twitter / Twitter / Celebrity Dirty Laundry / Reality Steve

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