Watch Bachelorette 2014’s Josh Murray Kick Nick Viall in the Crotch! (VIDEO)
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The Bachelorette

Watch Bachelorette 2014’s Josh Murray Kick Nick Viall in the Crotch! (VIDEO)

Boys will be boys, we suppose. (Real talk: That’s a stupid, sexist thing to say, but still.) So, when you put 10 of them on a basketball court together, and tell them to fight it out over Andi Dorfman on The Bachelorette, things can get… rough. And such was the case on Monday night’s Season 10 Episode 4, when two frontrunners got physical, physical.

Admittedly, we were so caught up in shaking our heads at their JV basketball skills, we missed the magic moment captured in video form. But thankfully Brian “Coach” Osborne caught it on his Instagram playback of the episode, and shared one particular moment of glory with the world.

In the vid, Nick Viall goes up against JJ O’Brien to snatch a rebound, and while the Rosebud somehow beats out 6-foot-5 JJ, he doesn’t get, er, ball control. Nope, that honor goes to “fired up” leading man Josh Murray, who gets so enthusiastic over the sports ball contest (we’re giving him the benefit of the doubt here), he… kicks Nick. In the crotch. With full force. While Brian giggles in the background.

Poor Nick was fresh from a lovely 1-on-1 date with Andi on Episode 3 when the insult/injury happened, and probably wished he was hiking around in a V-neck instead of suffering such a blow. Or, you know, doing literally anything else.

Check out the clip and tell us if Chris Soules dives to help Nick, or simply grab his (scuse us) ball.

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