The Bachelorette

Josh Murray Calls Nick Viall “Classless and Disrespectful” After Finale (VIDEO)

If you didn’t think things could get any more awkward than Nick Viall outing Andi Dorfman for having sex with him in the “After the Final Rose” special, then you were sorely mistaken. How about the Bachelorette being forced to watch that squirm-worthy moment back alongside her now-fiancé, Josh Murray? Yea, that happened…

The unfortunate moment occurred on July 29 during an interview with HuffPost Live, where the reporter played back the regretful scene. While it was going on, Josh awkwardly smiled and took a sip of his coffee, but the tension was seriously thick in the room. Making matters worse, immediately afterwards, the interviewer turns the mic to the former ball player to respond to his fellow finalist’s statements.

“I really don’t care for Nick that much,” Josh begins, adding, “I think it was a classless move and it was very disrespectful. But I think she handled it with as much class as possible. And that’s all we’re doing in this situation, we could really care less about that. That’s so far in the past, it’s crazy. I mean, we’re so much in love.”

From there, the reporter does wisely point out that though it may be ancient history for MurrDorf (Joshandi?), the rest of us just watched this all go down last night, to which Andi explains, “It’s two months ago, so it’s weird having to relive the past in the present. And that’s what we’ve had to do for the last two months — we know what we signed up for, obviously.”

So now that we know what the 29-year-old groom-to-be thinks of McSalty, it was time for the Dorf to weigh in on that scene. So what say ye, Andi?

“I really just wanted to walk off the stage, because I just felt like, again, kind of classless. That’s supposed to be private, and I don’t know what purpose you’re trying to accomplish by doing that.”

From there, the two insist that they’re going to be taking “the high road” moving forward, and focusing on their budding relationship. Sounds good to us! Be sure to check out the rest of the juicy interview above — which includes Josh responding to those infamous Nick post-finale smacktalk videos from Reality Steve. Oh no they didn’t!

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