Will Josh Murray Leave His Job As Financial Advisor For Hollywood?
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Will Josh Murray Leave His Job As Financial Advisor For Hollywood?

Last week Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray announced that they are now being repped by MELT, an Atlanta-based integrated marketing agency. Andi broke the news on Instagram with a photo she captioned, “So excited to officially have @Meltatl representing @joshmurray11 and I! One big happy family!” So does this mean the telegenic twosome are leaving their day jobs behind for a career of hosting bar events and guest appearances on Wipeout?

We previously reported that Andi is eager to get back to her career as a gang prosecutor, but what about Josh and his career as an ex-baseball player? Seems like someone who’s an “ex” player may have a little extra time on his hands to pursue Colgate commercials... Well, as it turns out that whole “ex-athlete” job description wasn’t 100 percent accurate — J.Murrs actually keeps busy being a financial advisor with Capstone Financial. And it appears that Josh is pretty happy in his work, because he tweeted as much this past Friday.

Apropos of nothing, Josh wrote, “Being a financial advisor is soooo rewarding, I absolutely love what I do! Always do what you love.” So, guess that answers that question — Josh is staying put in his 9 to 5.

On another note, we must be on the wrong career path because we’ve never felt the need to publicly profess our love of our profession. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t happy for you, Josh! Job you love, lady you love, pro-football player brother, great dog — we’re not in the least bit jelly. Really.

Do you think Josh should keep his day job or aim for the walk of fame? Tell us your take in the comments.

Source: Josh on Twitter