Josh Murray Spotted at the Cancun Airport — What’s He Doing in Mexico? (PHOTO)
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The Bachelorette

Josh Murray Spotted at the Cancun Airport — What’s He Doing in Mexico? (PHOTO)

Warning: Spoilers galore ahead!

In the technology age, it’s pretty hard for reality show producers to keep things under wraps before episodes air — you can only control so much, after all! We’re still over a month away from the Bachelorette Season 10 finale, but some of Andi Dorfman’s remaining guys have gotten a little sloppy in their social media game. Case in point? Josh Murray and Dylan Petitt.

Josh Murray Spotted at the Cancun Airport — What’s He Doing in Mexico? (PHOTO)
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In the latter’s case, it was allowing his friends to get ahold of his Facebook account. While we’d heard that Dylan was one of the three Season 10 contestants on Bachelor in Paradise, which is currently taping in Mexico, the 26-year-old posted from his hometown of Boston earlier this week. “I am feelin’ good Facebook. Real real real good baha. Bout to go out and get some grub and meet some new people (maybe some chicks??) and have a chill night,” the hunky bro wrote.

It should be noted that not long after, he commented on the post, saying that he wasn’t the author of said message. “Sorry everyone, someone hijacked my phone,” Dylan clarified. Fair ‘nuff, but we think the key takeaway is that this Bean Town boy is no longer vying for hearts down in paradise. Too bad for those ladies!

On a more surprising note, one Bachelorette fan with a keen eye spotted Josh south of the border earlier this week. “Cancun Aeropuerto, me 'n Josh Murray hanging at Johnny Rockets. #BFF,” the fan captions the sneaky shot, shared on June 16. So what is J.Murr doing in Mexico?

Though we can’t confirm that it’s definitely the former baseball player, it sure does resemble him from that angle. If it’s indeed him, it seems oddly coincidental that he would show up so close to where Bachelor in Paradise is currently filming. We know that Josh isn’t one of Andi’s guys on the cast, so is he just trying to throw us off the spoilers? Or maybe the dude is just on vacay…

Sound off in the comments below: Why do you think Dylan is back in MA? And is Josh up to something in Mexico, or is he just on a lovely getaway?

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