Andi Dorfman Gives Wedding Details: Location, the Dress, and the Honeymoon!
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Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman Gives Wedding Details: Location, the Dress, and the Honeymoon!

In our minds, Andi Dorfman has only been engaged to Josh Murray for a little over a week, since their proposal and relationship was revealed on The Bachelorette's July 28 finale. However, this adorable Atlanta couple has actually been betrothed for nearly three months now, and Andi already has lots of ideas for her spring 2015 wedding — including the location, the honeymoon, and the all-important dress!

In an interview with JEZEBEL this week, the 27-year-old opened up about her plans thus far. Lucky for us, Andi knows that she’s got a legion of fashion followers that are dying to know what she’ll wear on her big day, and she did not disappoint!

“Definitely a simple dress,” the future Mrs. Murray dished about the bridal wear. “As much as my rose ceremonies were bling-bling, I don’t want my wedding dress to be bling-bling.” That sounds pretty on par with what we’d expect out of the no-nonsense lawyer, though she certainly did look fab in those glittery Rose Ceremony gowns.

But that’s not the real Andi, it would seem. “I never really dreamt of my wedding growing up. I consider myself a romantic, but I was never the girl that dreamt of a wedding.”

Though now that the Dorf has found the man of her dreams, she’s in full prep mode. First thing’s first: the location. Can we expect the two to fete their love in their fellow native Atlanta, or will it be a more glamorous affair in Los Angeles (like some of the Bachelor/ette couples before them).

“It’s a great story [based in] Atlanta. It’s obviously my hometown and where we both live. So I think it’d be nice to do it in Atlanta,” Andi mused. Sounds perfect to us! Just as long as we get to be there (through the ABC cameras, of course).

Wait, will the wedding be televised? “I’ve definitely learned to never say never. I’ve said never to a lot of things that I’m doing now.” Please make it so!

One thing that will definitely happen is a honeymoon — even if the start of Andi and Josh’s relationship was sort of a three month long honeymoon of sorts (albeit, one with 24 other guys). Good thing they had that Euro-trip to try out some of the locales for the real thing!

“Part of me wants to revisit every place that we’ve been,” the Bachelorette spilled. “Like go to Marseille [France], where we had our first date. I think Europe would be fun. I’ve always wanted to do a South African safari, so that could be fun, too.”

Lots of great ideas here, girl! Can’t wait to see which ones she goes with...

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