So You Think You Can Dance: Would You Have Saved Jourdan and Stanley?
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So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance: Would You Have Saved Jourdan and Stanley?

The contestants on this season of So You Think You Can Dance are so talented, we wish nobody had to go home. Unfortunately, this is a competition, which means each week we have to say goodbye to one guy and one girl. Last night, the axe fell upon contemporary dancer Stanley Glover and ballerina Jourdan Epstein. The question is, did Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and guest judge Misty Copeland save the right dancers?

Let’s start with the girls. The female dancers in the bottom with Jourdan were contemporary dancers Bridget Whitman and Emily James. Jourdan found herself in jeopardy for the second time, which didn’t bode well. Though she definitely improved over last week, an iffy performance in her own style the first week and a lack of chemistry with partner Marcquet Hill this week didn’t help her cause.

Lack of chemistry also seemed to be a problem last week for Emily and her partner, Teddy, but they definitely recovered last night. Meanwhile, Bridget suffered last week from lackluster choreography more than anything; she definitely rebounded last night with a difficult (and super cute) jive, which ended up being one of our favorite performances. So yeah, after two weeks in the bottom, we get why Jourdan was sent home over these two.

Now, onto the bottom boys. America granted the fewest votes to hip hop dancer Teddy Coffey, popper Emilio Dosal, and contemporary dancer Stanley. As mentioned above, Teddy and Emily had a fantastic contemporary performance. Emilio wasn’t quite as strong as partner Bridget in their jive routine, but taking into account the fact that he’s a hip hop dancer making his first foray into the fast-paced ballroom style, we were impressed.

Sadly, Stanley struggled in last night’s routine, and the judges noted some core weakness and questionable facial expressions. We agreed that the performance simply wasn’t enough to bring him into next week. Incidentally, the majority of fans on Viggle LIVE! (62 percent) also sided with the judges.

If you missed out on the chance to make your voice heard — and earn points for free music downloads and more— you should download the Viggle app and check in next week to play along. But don’t worry — you can still share your opinion about last night’s results in our poll below.

Should the judges have saved Stanley and Jourdan? Tell us what you think!

The judges were right this week.

I would have saved at least one of them!