Joyce Giraud Reveals That Her “Baby Is in Love” — See the Adorable Pic! (PHOTO)
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Joyce Giraud Reveals That Her “Baby Is in Love” — See the Adorable Pic! (PHOTO)

We loved getting to know Joyce Giraud and her family over the course of the recently completed Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4. Now, Joyce is very excited that one of her family members has apparently found love.

Joyce, 39, and husband Michael Ohoven are parents to two young boys, Leonardo and Valentino. And apparently, one of them has already been struck by Cupid's arrow, which Joyce points out by posting a pic to Instagram on April 16.

"My baby is in love!" she captions the photo of her son and a female pal on a playdate. "#friends #love #lovemyboys #lovelife #playdate." As we now know, Joyce uses "baby" to describe her husband and her sons.

This pic is completely adorable, as both her son and her son's friend appear to be having an excellent time. Both of their shirts are also adorable, between the one with the eye patch and the one with the kitten playing in flowers.

And perhaps the part we like most about this photo is that awesome vehicle they're riding in! We're totally jealous that we didn't get to have one of those while we were growing up. It's also cool that it has a shovel attached to the hood, in case you ever need to do some impromptu digging.

Are you as in awe with this photo as we are?

Source: Joyce on Instagram