Joyce Giraud Shares Hilarious Pic of “Her Boys” — Adorable Alert (PHOTO)
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Joyce Giraud Shares Hilarious Pic of “Her Boys” — Adorable Alert (PHOTO)

Is it any surprise that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Joyce Giraud has such a photogenic family? We're certainly not shocked. Indeed, this new photo of her husband with their kids is completely precious!

Joyce and husband Michael Ohoven have two sons, Valentino and Leonardo. We've gotten to see some cute moments between Joyce and Michael this season, but we haven't seen too much of their sons on the show. That's why we love seeing photos of them having fun with their parents.

Joyce posted an adorable photo on February 1 of Michael getting silly with their sons and some shaving cream. "So cute!" Joyce captions the shot. "My boys want to shave with Papa! #ovemyboys #boys #lovemylife XOXO." Aww!

It's definitely cute to see their sons wanting to be grown-up and rocking some shaving cream. But enjoy your childhood while you can, boys!

Joyce has certainly had plenty of ups and downs with the ladies this season. She has become besties with Kyle Richards, and the two of them have had lots of cute moments. However, Joyce has had a ton of friction with Carlton Gebbia and Brandi Glanville. So it's great to see how much fun Joyce has at home with the fam!

Source: Joyce on Instagram